Font-Romeu’s Mascots

Chocolat & Noisette

Chocolat and Noisette are two bears, brother and sister, who live in Font-Romeu. In the summer, they can often be seen walking around the streets in town, and they never turn down a cuddle, a kiss, a photo, or an autograph. Every week during school holidays, they throw a party and invite all their young holidaymaker friends to dance to some crazy beats!

Visit our shop at the Font-Romeu Tourist Office to find T-shirts (13€), plush (15€), caps (10€), mugs (7€) and key rings (3€) featuring our friendly mascots, and keep up to date with the latest news from Font-Romeu on the Font-Romeu “Chocolat & Noisette” Facebook page.

Tips from Pistache

Chocolat and Noisette’s uncle is also here to look out for you and make sure your holiday in Font-Romeu goes well.

The mountains are beautiful and exciting but they can quickly become hostile and dangerous!!!

Before you go skiing or out into the mountains :

1. You must follow a set of “rules”:

  • Check the snow conditions and weather forecast because they can change very quickly in the mountains.
  • Eat a good breakfast and bring a snack with you.
  • The sunshine and snow glare are very strong in the mountains so make sure to apply a high-factor sun cream regularly.
  • Drink often to keep well-hydrated.
  • Do not stay out in the cold for too long.
  • Do not stray off marked paths or ski off-slope.
  • Do not feed animals you come across as it may upset their natural cycle.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when you are out in the mountains so that it does not disturb or chase wild animals.
  • Please refrain from picking flowers and plants, as some of them are endangered species.

2. You must be well-equipped for the snow!

  • Warm boots and clothes, gloves, hat, ski suit, sunglasses, ski socks, tissues, certified HELMET is obligatory for children and highly recommended for adults (for sale in Font-Romeu’s sports shops)
  • Choose good quality ski gear that is suited to your level.

3. The mountain is a sensitive environment.

  • NEVER leave your litter outdoors and remember to sort it for recycling. There are special recycling bins all over Font-Romeu!


To ensure Font-Romeu remains an ideal holiday destination, please help us in protecting the environment!


To travel around the resort, use the free skibus (or estibus) and gondola


Before going out skiing, turn the heating down. If you are cold, put an extra jumper on rather than overheating your accommodation. In the evening, close the curtains and shutters to keep heat in.

Water consumption

In the mountains, water levels are at their lowest during the winter. Please do not waste water!

Noise pollution

For everyone’s sake, keep noise down after 10pm.

Waste management

NEVER leave your litter outdoors and remember to sort it for recycling. There are special recycling bins all over Font-Romeu!

Venez à Font-Romeu en train !