A destination for having fun!

Be it alone, with family or friends, holidays can also be a great time to party. Font-Romeu provides a very special atmosphere of themed bars and music venues, as well as a discotheque, a cinema and a casino, and the nearby bowling alley in Pyrénées 2000. The festive spirit of a southern way of life, with a Catalan touch.

Treat yourself to an invigorating break from your busy week and make the most of our many other activities. There are many opportunities to explore, by yourself or with others, the wide open spaces, the panoramic high plateaus, the sleepy undergrowth or even the high altitude lakes. Enjoy these moments of pure joy, that make your holiday a time for discovery, relaxation and shared experiences…

Sulfur water baths – After a day of exertion, some relaxation is in order!

Indulge in the benefits of pure relaxation in Dorres, Llo or Saint Thomas, where nature dispenses its most sulphurous pleasures within the warmth of these natural hot springs. These facilities offer quality infrastructures and even without the need to soothe your rheumatic, skin or bronchial ailments, you can enjoy the heavenly pleasure of slipping into evanescent vapours and 36 degree waters.

The accumulated fatigue and muscular tension from a full day of skiing will be gently relieved, and for those who wish to relax even further, these wellness centres offer a range of delightful spa and beauty treatments in the form of balneotherapy.

Venez à Font-Romeu en train !